Wild Hair

by M. Whiled Eir
July 10-11, 2014

Inductive ("excusing") Logic

if [ hawks are attacking baby squirrels ] or
[ hawks are attacking song birds ]
"it must be natural law"
"it is the way of things"
"it is what Nature does"
"it is best to stay out of it"

Inductive logic inducts reasons into an eternal hall of fame, infamously locking out any other logic, denying all paradox, refusing a dynamic, etc. — like Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry being UNinvited to the First Constitutional Convention in 1778, where the evolution of freedom was halted except in symbolic forms.
This inversion-ala-mediation is exemplified more overtly by the overt idiot, Al Gore, as it says that the argument is over.
What an ass clown... and a fat one to boot.
He (inseparable from $6000-per-month electric bills, methane-rich speeches, and baskets of hot French fries), is a chief defense against the mini ice age as it unleashes in his steam-manufactured disguise — so much hot air seeking to be one of the heirs to Earthly resources, as in patenting "air" and labeling you as "green" for cashable or green from having your air cut off.
That is the "green movement" in its post-Nazi form, hybridized in with a Stalinist state-capitalist structure to implement and drive both the "supply" and "demand" sides of a binary universe run for a self-anointed bloodlined "elite", ever-entertained by the act and results of pulling the "need"-strings of their narcissistic/sociopathic Commander-in-Chief.

Deductive (connective all of the denied paradoxes, the fractures, fissures, and fragments all of the "incidental" waste, all of the "collateral" damage, and all of the "disparate times" and [re/de]located locations into a new whole, taking particular process to avoid re-summarization which leaps back into itself (coincidentally at the same rate of consistency as per the % of funding of "research", hardly a "re[turn to ]search", more a search for return [to the same old song and dance]).
It doesn't have any ahead-of-time (also called "drawn") conclusions, which use the word often and incorrectly as if to redefine its fearful expositions.
In fact, the Truth of the Inductee is more a pre-INcluded CONclusion, or preclusions — conclusions in a delusionry way, at best.

It's difficult to invite liberty-arians to a meeting where slavery is not being banned in all forms but merely evolved into a new frozen state of affairs, into the social relations of wage-slavery, indentured servitude, and chattel slavery.
Even more so, when one of them wrote Common Sense (to most despising "the common man"), and The Rights of Man (whose deities were easily portrayed by land lords, factory kings, and other property profiteers (imposing rations, taxes, and rules regarding the right to self, access to rights, and rights to all giving life a possibility and quality).
Thus, "let Freedom reign" was the Truth of the hierarchy left intact.

It's difficult to discuss human rights when the waterways, whiskey, and other taxes must be realized beneath the disguise offered by the symbols of Freedom and Liberty.
The Whisky Rebellion and Shay's Rebellion would require more soldiers to fight "the free" than had fighting "the old boss, the British.
The hierarchy of slaves hadn't changed, just the owners and rules amongst owners regarding their hierarchy atop the numerous hierarchies, mutually holding non-symbolic freedom and liberty to its only rightful place: beneath ownership.

How many times have we seen this "bystander to existence"?
How often have we seen slaughter justified by the argument for being a "spectator"?

If we are meant to be controlled by some "natural law" outside of nature, to be ruled by an invisible hand {'round our throats, or down our throats as in the film "Alien", then a few questions....

Is this a relapse of the unspoken "Star Trek" imperative which says we must never "get involved", "influence outcomes", or "alter reality"?

If so, then we are an easily-programmed idiot species whose constant edicts, decrees, and self-appraising praises that "having our brain history makes us superior" only exposes ignorance, species-centrism, and a mass persona based heavily under the influence of a blinding narcissism.

It, paradoxically, also shows an egomaniac bliss with being "irrationally passive", "illogically disconnected", "psychologically self-removed" (that is, selfless and thus, lifeless), and a general willingness to "take orders" which are based, not in absolute truth or fact, but in an agreement based in a small sampling whose concluding "fact" is never questioned w/r/t who made it "a fact", why they were motivated top conclude that particular linear "dot" upon which to "end the line of questioning", and why the hell we stoop so low as to follow the line — which has been "turned into" a circle, with its flat presence never sensed by flatlanded thinking, so they travel from one dot to the next, perpetuating that line of thinking, that shuffling through time timelessly because they must sell their time just to remain, in good standing, "within the line".

And this pseudo-process, this "bucket brigade" line of reasoning is too busy to notice that there is no fire, just the line. Yep, it's a line of bull, and it leads to the tiny thinking of those performing a function, quite fun-less, like automatons — over and over, around and around, forever and forever. What mindlessness! And even that mindlessness is not an absolute! Life's "absolutes" are agreements between the lazy, who find evolution to be "too much work".
They watch films and television series about "their" lives, as played by someone (or something) else, as scripted by some one (or thing) else.
Never mind the "else" part, just keep doing nothing for or as yourself.
As "The Outer Limits" introduction said: "we are in control".
You give that up over and over, willingly.
Life is involvement and life is making choices and acting upon them.

How many films were made after World War II showing "the good German" who never chose to resist or the subway bystander who lets someone get mugged, beaten, or raped — because — they "don't want to get involved"?

It's the scene you never are aware of, that makes you applaud, that inspires you to turn off the projector or television, or finds you wanting to stick your hand into the scene to wring a neck of the attacker and/or the actively dysfunctional "bystander".

You are a part of the same social relations and the same species as the attacker-and-attacked.
There is no "being removed" from reality.
You ARE BOTH the attacked AND the attacker, rolled into one. Unless you are so removed from yourself, then you must act. It is like "taking a breath".
NOT taking it is UNnatural, UNhealthy, and exposes a denied reality to which you have become an INcredible accreditation, a footdragging footnote, a self-excused juror, a witless witness, a fall-apart participant, an accomplished accomplice.

It is the act of the impotent and the choice to be cowardly.
It's the surrendering sigh of the slave, the whimper of the servant, the moan of the already-dead.
It is UNnatural and reduces logic to a set of excuses for the status quo, for further UNsubjectified action (instead acting "objectively, that is, as an "object" of some one or thing else's moving force or "subjective act".
It is sentientLESS.

The fact that we ARE involved in our lives, in an ecosystem, in a special [seemingly singular or "singled-out"] instantiation of [seemingly singular or "singled-out"] species on a planet [seemingly singular or "singled-out"] of a [seemingly singular or "singled-out"] universe [seemingly singular or "singled-out"] from a space-time dimension, etc. does NOT remove us from the fractal-like "whole" where a toroidal self-regeneration anew is really the only constant we may temporarily "grasp" to answer "the meaning of life".

The point is that finding such "a point" does what for us?
Does it poke and prod us with its "pointedness"?
Is a rule or some other deified entity by which a mind mirroring reality reflect it back to the Nth degree, calling the ability to make sense of that "intelligence", some measure by which all that it encounters gets reduced to beneath-it-ness?
Now, that is pointlessness caught in its self-evolving circularity — ever self-anointing, ever self-aggrandizing, ever self-appointing, ever self-quoting.

That really takes you out of the picture as if the artist is ever rendering something never seen, dreamed of, experienced, told of, etc.

It seems pointless.
It also takes no responsibility.
It calls the self-alienation "objectivity".
I call it self-objectification.
I call it de-subjectification.
The life you are is how you interact NOT "with" some external concept of yourself, but "as" yourself.
The former ensures mediation and that assures a power over and above your self-power, acting for you, as you, and parasitically against your self-interests.
Sure, you want confluence, but the mediation is always influent.

Eagles came close to extinction not because of people acting naturally to protect small mammals (which includes human babies because all animals with mammaries are mammals) amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, etc.
It was because corporations dumped toxins into the ecosystem by every input method: water, air, soil. You know, like they do even more so today.
Why are they motivated to expand their waste, their wasting of the very life that makes them "exist"?

Well, try on the suit that a corporation or other agreement-based entity, is NOT alive even though given more rights than any living entity.
They are masks for good and evil, in short, they are removed from the nature of living directly.
A mask hides the air from your face and your face from your errors. It, today, has a non-trivial amount of its "expenses" directed ahead-of-time towards excuse-making, proactive self-preserving, ever-expanding, and to intentionally and to impolitely imbalance "the books" in its favor (its only basis and system of persistence). Its modus operandi is to expand while accumulating life, which means waste and death take life's place.
It's a lie to say "that's life" because it's "profit", that which forces an exchange of life for survival.
That's the story of the eagle.
But wait.
The "eagle" is now protected.
It, steals food from other birds.
Benjamin Franklin called it a bird of low moral character).
Like the coldblooded souls of Tyrannosaurus rex ("T. Rex") or Varanus komodensis ("Komodo Dragon"), hawks (after which warmongers are named) are parasitic.
All are the predatory models of survive-and-succeed upon which a corporation finds its success.
Is it any "natural" order that is the order to protect that parasitic symbol of the real corporation?
The eagle has been turned into the symbol of all that preys.
To defend a symbol of freedom is not being free.
The eagle has been extinct, in reality, for a long time.
Its simulation, replication, is what flies ideology non-stop these daze, like an organic drone on some mission that has nothing to do with nature or offspring.
The coins and swords of imperial forms of accumulated self-powers are adorned with warbirds.
Eagles were convenient for that, like the skin of the Jew was useful to the Zionist.

Its symbol rules the canyon in our souls, the crags of our lifestyles huddled at the base of corporate mountains and their masked owners.

So, it is not natural to be "outside of nature", because you are fooled into sacrificing your own nature, non-privatized, and in fact, "being outside of yourself" is a delusion, as well as an illusion manufactured to perpetuate the delusion as "natural":
" — because this is how I feel
— because this is the way I am supposed to feel
— because this is as good as it gets
— because it's natural".

Hey, is that why the word "natural" appears on more food product labels than any other word besides "ingredients", "contains", "water", "sodium", and "sweetener"?
It's so used it has no meaning apart from itself:
"it's natural because that is its nature";
"it's nature is to be natural".
When a footnote to a word includes itself that's called "circular logic".
It's not like self-evolution because a circle has no evolution, just revolution.
A circle is neither a spiral nor a helix because any evolution requires "time" or a "z-axis" to give life to an x-y axis, which merely depicts "here" and "now", "there" and "then".
A circle is stuck on that flat and flattening x-y axis.
It is flat but encompasses a non-flatness at its two most explained-away points: zero, infinity.
Those passageways out of eternal mundaneness are also found within the flat and flattening depiction called "nature" with all of its "natural" agendas altering excuses as the need arises or is designed to arise.
Apparently "nature" answers to the rationale and rationality and rationing and ratios of capital, as it grows out and away from our lives into vaults, and as it contracts from our muscle fiber, our rights to run our own affairs, and our ability to do so without encountering the corporate Nature (trademarking, patenting, copyrighting, and licensing every thing and every one that its depicters (historians, artists, sociologist, psychologists, philosophers, professors), managers (bankers, accountants, medical repairmen), and enforcers (judges, lawyers, taxmen, politicians, militaries , police) "see" as theirs (or belonging to some one or thing 'above them) 'by right'.

Hierarchies are the fester from which comes all dysfunction but for the need, deceit, and ignorance that got them going.
Even an "ice age" has an evolution into its jaws of seemingly the evolution of silence as it silences evolution, also known as the silencing of evolution which shakes off parasites.
Note that glaciers move.
Note that ice shrinks and expands.
Nothing is never forever.
Even alienation has its flaws, even and especially when the mask of the corporation, political party, merger, acquisition, law, ad nauseam, misdirect further behind Nature (that inverted lie about "the natural") and Truth (that inverted nature about "seeking the truth-like, truth-ful, truth-apparent, a reminding "snapshot" for while we sleep, "truth as a process").
The trouble is that corporations keep us asleep, footnote themselves, and seize our wills when they hold everything and every one hostage demanding 1 minute and 1 penny more than we will ever have.
Is it natural?
In a land of parasites, sure, but eventually the parasite parasites its hosts to death.
Then what?
It inspires a repopulation of hosts.
Is that natural?
Yes and no, I suppose.
It's natural for parasites.
And, for the dream-locked host, the natural is a bit hazy.
It's more the "tune" playing in the background as you sleep, and the line leading from that pharmaceutical bag down through that needle into your veins fills your nature with Nature, i.e., the nature best for parasites.

So, that is the nature of my bullet for today, 10jul2014.
Rekindle your passion, awake, reinvent nature, and become the individual for us [your kindred] that self-love [kindly] kindles.

The Recall of the Wild
The Recall of the Wild

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