Wild Hair

by M. Whiled Eir
09may2014; last revised 24aug2022

A Communitarian Project

What is "community"?

Is it the "Community" events and centers sanctioned by and/or run by the State apparatus?

If that is all it is, what preceded the State's rendition of "the human community", which was mutantized, lost, and/or surrendered to those pushing the State as its hierarchicalized and reified expression?

Was humanity nothing until the State came along to give it direction, purpose, order? If so, then what "community" created the State other than one based in that very same, detested, and feared chaos?

If "Community" is not the source of "community", then it is a reification, a substitute poised as the original.... much as Big Pharma synthesizes natural plants, minerals, and other elementals into ownable, patentable, now lawsuit-avoiding, unnatural (thus, toxic) chemicals, so the State inverts natural order into a falsified and fragmented reality called Chaos, substitutes their patented (via vote-fixing and heavily-enforced) "savior" ordered chaos into Nature. The original is hidden, destroyed, and outlawed so that the "New" may take its place, like the "pos" in the film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

"You'll like the new peace, or else...."

As we humans allow ourselves to be further domesticated, tailored, fettered, saddled, programmed, conditioned, engineered, manufactured, fragmented from Nature... OUR NATURE... so, all nature which cannot be enslaved, worn, eaten, or worked, is called "a pest".

Our "wilderness", our wildlife, our wold side (imagination, inquisitiveness, inventiveness, independence, liberty, freedom, creativity) is 'pest'-icided, made illegal, "educated"-away, seized, impounded, vaulted, imprisoned, "corrected", trademarked, patented, owned-away, rewritten-away, lost, hidden, ad finitum, ad nauseam.

We allow a self-anointed hierarchy our freedom, our wildness, and if we could still wonder when all is said and done, might wonder why we did it so readily and why we do it more throughly and fatally today.

We are accomplices in both our demise and in the demise of all life not already surrendered to a reservation, imaginarily available to us, for a further price, as a "lifestyle", in a freezer/vault, in a zoo, or shallow grave.

We are merely fertilizer for the growth of more of us, that is, greater quantities, not qualities of humanity. We are farmed and our "needs" are designed, harvested, traded as nation-state and race-state serfs, exchanged and sold as chattel on and at the market, itself owned by very few.

We are all chaf, chattel without a home or history... sown, farmed, harvested, devoured, put into storage, recycled, and/or plowed under as fertilizer for someone else's future.

We, seek to create our own[ed] wildness, history, evolution... without exchange-[de]valuing Capital, community-inverting government [into "Community"], direct trade without taxation, direct democracy without mediation [isocracy, that is, even without the baseball-bat reification with which we are beaten by ALL politicos, called "Society" and "the Social"]. The left and right are two "different" sides of the same authoritarian mouth, a mouth which devours us

We marvel at life untrammeled, at the festivity found in nature's variety, which the frozen, frigid, and numb-skulled fear, falsify, and fetishistically regulate: the joy or freedom they call "chaos".

Care to trade and share seeds, food bounty, experiences, wisdom, dreams, questions, discoveries, inventions?

Well, GNU, unregulated WANs, potlucks, secured forums, anonymous servers, moneyless contracts, generalized self-management may be our common treasure. We may be the best community we've never had, nor ever visible when "following orders"... or merely being that which fills orders for a slow-death, sociopathy-facilitating, suicide-assuring, psychopathically-run, life-extracting, parasite-facilitating, disease-designing, identity-owning, vampiric, global hierarchy.. the virulent hierarchy, the New World [globanality, wherein we are made to] Order.

Interested in a secured neighborhood forum? Interested in a trade fair (where trade is fair because there's no "middle[wo/]man"? Interested in a free libraries and access to truth without built-in internet taxes, tracking, surveillance, and censorship?

Why not? It's in our "wild" nature... our dis-hostaged, re-owned, and reinvented nature!


The Recall of the Wild
The Recall of the Wild

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