Wild Hair

by M. Whiled Eir
July 01, 2014

Tired of politicians, fixing us after getting "elected" in fixed elections, paid for a career of sociopathic praxis based entirely on setting their own payback schedule for promissory notes taken out of the "commonwealth", aka "the public domain", "the general will", "the general fund", borrowing from "the public trust" while regarding all of our "good faith" as a license to steal, making promises — out of thin air — which it earlier or later rescinds or never intended on fulfilling from the very 'get-go'... spending "their" words backed by our time like it was going out of style... our time, our space, our lives... and the possibilities for any future (based on slavishly earning it in the present) for us at all.

Meanwhile, the historical, memorable, documented, and remembered records of the past, which don't justifyingly footnote the present, are politely erased and impolitely eradicated.

So much disguising of doing nothing by saying nothing, doing 1% of the time and selling it with the what's left over after payoffs, offshore bank accounts, "slush" funds, cohorts, and raises spend the rest of our taxed — legally stolen — earnings....

Breaking contracts made with us — without consequence — disguising lies, caught in the act — without consequence — ... promising to do nothing in actuality covered with the misdirection skills of a magician... and always, whether smelling of this party of that, achieving that "nothing" with surprise-less skill, and a surprise only to a class of the duped and self-duping holding up the class of pharaohs, our emptied wallets, coincidental "movements" to tighten our belts after we wasted resources, or time, or some such, now all belonging to some one or thing above us in the "grand scheme of things", the virulent hierarchy — with its need to know sucking and slurping sounds — and the ever-present, ever-loud digital clocks which drown out the daily draining of our analog life-giving blood.

And then, there's the encircling call to exert The Electoral "Choice":

They will NEVER stop themselves for us.

We ought have learned one thing from this global pyramid scheme — based in a self-perpetuating political-economic hierarchy —with governments in place to protect its "con" and its rules of parasitic engagement and extraction:

If and when we are indirect, meaning that we tolerate mediation and mediators between us and our selves, between our self [re-]creation, between us and our self-management, well then, or we are getting what we deserve and what we will get: nothing.

The 'mediating process' is a trap where we exchange a phantom piece of ourselves for a real piece of ourselves.

The mediator makes this bargain with vampires, over our necks, their core pupose. They "con" us away from us. They get us to bargain with the 'what' and 'those who thieve' us, to consider surrendering life as a way of life, to pay them with our time in our "life"-wallets, at a "liquidation of a lifetime" sale over which any bid is always, and can only ever be a loss, the loss of life. They engineer the scales to raise the price of paying a ransom for ourselves held hostage.

To enter this game of 'our loss = their gain', what's left of us gets back what they promised, damaged goods, fictitious life-time back — lots of plastic-filled air and lots of air-filled plastic — as something to fill in the gaps and some thing to commemorate our loss.

For them: nothing given, everyone taken, and for us, everything and everyone given,...

Yep. It's simple and a bit unheralded.
It's plain and a bit painful.
It's hard to swallow, but it' is the beginning of self-managing our own lives, breathing air that is:

"Direct democracy" is the only basis for mutually-aiding isocratic gain.

"Representative democracy" represents "democracy" for the aforementioned virulent hierarchy.

I speak for myself and no one else is allowed to lie about doing it for me, especially when they spend much of my wallet trying to shut down my abilities to do anything but manage my own life directly.

I am barely legal in checking my own wallet because it interferes with systemic theft, which has been made legally "above the law" in terms of governing my life for me/you/us, leaving me/you/us with the bill for a worthless pile of lifestyles where my/your/our life might have been....

So, since noise pollution, air pollution, and neighborhood speed limit laws are not enforced at all, we had better get to the task of ridding ourselves of taxing, repossessing, seizing, surveilling, assessing, power-favoring, top-heavy, and misrepresenting government, and then with those "elite" parasites behind the governed curtain.

We can start by communalizing our mutual self-interest "outside of the lines" [of fire]. Please take a look at the secured, private, and anonymity-based "Unbecoming Things" forum with its set of boards specifically set up for our street(s) and the greater community we build as each mutually links self-interests together.

"Be seeing you"
[taken from 1967-1968 series, The Prisoner, with Patrick McGoohan, Angelo Muscat, Peter Swanwick, ....],

The Recall of the Wild
The Recall of the Wild

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