Wild Hair

by M. Whiled Eir
20jun2014; last revised 24aug2022

The Selfish Community: Unity from an Unmediated Resource Back to Itself

What are we?
First and foremost, we are not a "what".
We are many individuals, freely associating, to further our selves.

We are a project of and for reclamation, reinvention, redeployment, and liberty-motivated communion.
We project our selves, that is, we make projects of our selves.
And most importantly, we activate them together, so that we each robustize each other wherever we may freely roam.

What are we against?
Whatever is against the each of us: rules or hierarchical access to the natural urges to migrate, rest, ponder, study, design, invent, explore, create, communicate, share, trade, barter, convince, grow, expand, gratify, satisfy, desire, dream.

What is "noise"?
It is mediation between us what what we seek.
It is the sound of slack, half-baked, poorly-addressed, and inefficient solutions to needs; it is waste.
The landscape of space and time are a testimony to the current system of management.
It is a management of "others".
It comes from a re-presented us, an objectified set of selves.
It is neither based in its reified notion of what constitutes "social" nor has anything to do with the self-interest of anyone but for an abstracted 'whole' run by and for a self-anointed "correct", "chosen", "wise", and/or "destined" few.
It is not based in any self-interest of even "the many", for besides focus upon an always-abstract concept which also has no existing democratic basis anywhere, it is just "noise" when coming from those employed and deployed by a hierarchy that is fractally everywhere footnoting itself as "all there is" and as "as good as it gets".
It wasted potential and boredom. That is unadulterated bull, as big and noisy a lie as any 'hierarchy of hierarchies' or 'hierarchy within hierarchies' can muster. The footnote[fetish] is obvious because it is circular. Like the method used to manufacture the "reason" and the "rationale" for invading Iraq, this is an example of saying something over and over, through different sources quoting each other, until a "truth" appears as self-evident. [Remember Iraq? Remember Viet Nam? Remember the Maine? They were all based in the same method of attaching themselves to reality by way of Truth, that mass inversion of truth which calls for the inversion of the real into the Real. It's how nothing becomes something, and "from thin air" inserts itself between our reality and our interaction with reality. ]

Noise pollution?
Dogs barking all day.
Airplanes shrieking in and out as corporate jest and training pilots buzz lower and more over neighborhoods.
Revving cars.
Faked efficiency and thoroughness of neighborhood air and noise polluting leaf blowers.
The state will not enforce peace-and-quiet.


Because its opposite funds the top-heavy lords who lay off its valuable and dedicated civil servants.

The manufactured mass persona will not stop it.
Like the "need" to smoke once started, the need to make noise seems as driven as needing to run faster and faster, as on a runaway treadmill, even at "leisure" or "play".

A combined act of reclaiming community and self is the only choice between the two false ones.
Do it so you can hear your self think and so you can sing rather than argue with your neighbors.
The banking, energy (oil, solar, wind, electric, gas), and necessities (food, water, soil) cartels have us sewn up, they think, and willing to do whatever it takes to distort, avert, subdue, control, and dominate.
That is the end of 'the wild', of humanity's development as one voice of the Earth, as a species apart from darkness and unconsciousness of obedience.

Why not?
It's in our "wild" nature... our dis-hostaged, re-owned, and reinvented nature!


The Recall of the Wild
The Recall of the Wild

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