The Recall of the Wild

We are a striving-to-become non-domesticated group of concerned lifeforms advocating for the full access, use, justice, and rights of environmental, spiritual, natural, and universal freedom for our selves and our life peers — untamed, unslaved, unzooed, unskinned, unowned, unhierarchicalized, unforgotten, unreserved, undociled, unleashed, unworn, uneaten, unfarmed, unharvested, unbutchered, unslaughtered, unhunted, unpoisoned, untrapped, unoverlooked, ununderlooked, unrepresented — everywhere and at all times.

This collective is based upon mutual self-empowerment, expressed in more qualitative ways than any one of our souls, awarenesses, sentientity, and/or experientiality can understand, for that is what makes us an expanding whole beyond the quantifications of our summed life parts.

If you would like to create or participate in a project or event, then, by all means — design it, share it, spearhead it — and our ecowhole community is safer, wiser, happier, more evolved, more alive with, from, and for you.

We have a secured category of bulletin boards, "The Recall of the Wild", available for registered "Unbecoming Things" forum members, availed at

The boards are as follows:

The Wild Hair opinions, parodies, and expositions are:

The Wild Eyed quotations and excerpts are:

The Wild Side articles are:

The Near and Dear Untamed is where you can read about our extended Council-124 family and check in on our activities:

The Recall of the Wild

Our Autonomous Associates:
The Little Free Library

The Communitarian Project

Point of Departure

Wonderful Squirrels

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